Saturday, December 19, 2009


I am in a tiny internet cafe in Stone Town, Zanzibar, having just had a very good lunch at the Indian restaurant next door. We have been up on the north coast of Zanzibar for 3 days at a little hotel right on the beach. As is typical in most of Africa, we only had power and water at certain times of the day but it was in a wonderful location and had inbelievable views. We went on a sunset cruise on a dhow, a traditional sailing boat, on thursday. Yesterday we went to the southern tip of the island and went out and swam with dolphins then went to a forest with Colobus monkeys, only found on Zanzibar. They were amazing! The monkeys were very curious and when we stood still they climbed down and started touching us. One reached down and started searching my hair for things to eat but luckily came up empty.....we didnt want to leave them.
We went on a spice tour on wednesday when we first arrived and saw how they grow and harvest many spices and fruits. One of our guides climbed an unbelievably tall coconut palm....which was a bit scary to watch!
I am living on a staple diet of seafood, mangoes and coconut at the moment....very hard to take!
We were a bit sad that we didnt get to see anyone from our Church while in Malawi but loved our time there. Malawi is often called the 'waem heart of Africa' and I can see why.
Tomorrow we catch the ferry back to Dar es Salaam and start our journey to Arusha in northern Tanzania. From there we will travel into Ngorongoro crater, which is a game park, to see more of Africa's amazing wildlife, then on to Kenya a few days later.
My time is nearly up. My love to all, Kathie

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  1. Hi Kathie, it's great that you're having such a wonderful time so far. In Dubai they also have boats called Dhows and we've taken a river & dinner cruise on one of them.....really enjoyable!!You've swum with doldhins, had yourself piched over by monkeys and on your way to a game park to see Africa's magnificent animals in all their splendour & glory....AMAZING!!
    Happy trails Kathie,