Saturday, December 12, 2009

At Lake Malawi

Hi all,
we arrived in Malawi 2 days ago after 3 long days of travel across Zambia.
I phoned Pastor Nelson before arriving at Liliongwe but unfortunately he was unable to meet us and where we are staying, at Kande beach, there is no assembly. We are hoping to meet up with some people at Chitchimba which is where we go tomorrow for 1 day and night.
Kande Beach is on the shores of Lake Malawi. The camp we are staying at here is stunning, right on the beach. We have been swimming a lot as it is very hot and the water is clean, fresh water with a sandy bottom. Last night there was a bit of a storm so this morning there is even surf! Most of our group has gone off on a guided walk around the village this morning. I would have loved to have gone but my knees aren't up to it.
Our tour group is a great bunch of people, many from Australia. We are all getting on very well and having lots of fun. Our tour truck/bus is a bit rough around the edges but the guides have been great. We changed drivers and guide at Victoria falls and were all sad to see Justin (tour guide) and Phillip (driver) go. We now have Judah (guide) and Temba (driver). A few of the tour group finished at Victoria falls as well and we picked up some new people.
After Malawi we have another couple of long driving days, crossing Tanzania to Dar es Salaam. We catch a ferry from there to Zanzibar for 4 days.
I had better go now, love to all, Kathie


  1. Hi Kathie,
    Great to hear from you!! It sounds like you're having a great time. What a wonderful experience for you all!! Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures with us.

  2. Wow, I can't believe I've actually managed to post a comment..I'm not very tech savy yet, so to get this far is nothing short of a miracle!! Keep those blogs coming and continue safely with your grand adventure. By the way, it actually rained in Dubai yesterday!! I even have a pic to prove it!!. Take care Kathie & we're missing your witty comments on facebook.

  3. Morning Kathie, it's still raining here & I've been told that the gardens around our apartment will be filled with flowers shortly, now that the rains have arrived. It has also gotten cooler..24C during the day(lovely) and approx 17C at night.Enjoy your trip to Dar es Salaam & onto Zanzibar..looking forward to hearing more of your experiences.

  4. Hi Kathie,

    I have finally managed the time and resources to access your blogspot! Hooray for me! Due to our recent move we are currently without internet at home and I am sneaking this time at lunch at UQ where I have started the Summer Research scholarship.

    It sounds like you are having a terrific time. As Glenda has said, your descriptions are great and have the ability to almost make me feel like I am there with you under the shade of the tree waiting for bus repairs or staring out the window of the train. You will probably travel along the same line that my Dad had to take to go to boarding school. They lived in Dar es Salaam and would travel to the Duke of York boarding school in Nairobi. They were packed off - 2 boys as young as 6 and 7 to spend a term away from home which was considered too dangerous.

    It sounds like the biggest hassles you have had have been passport issues for Magno - I hope they are all sorted now and that there are no further issues. It is hard to believe that you been away almost a month now! Well at least that means only 6 weeks until you return home.

    I have been extremely busy with the move and now full -time work and am really missing being at all the meetings and having fellowship regularly. Thankfully the worst is over and I made it last Sunday - to the 2nd meeting at least. I just missed have someone to really talk to as it seems all those people with whom I have 'deep and meaningfuls' are away for one reason or another at the moment. Well enough woe is me - holidays will be here soon and I have organised a few days at Pottsville with the Backxs. Joshua and I are going to make the most of the beach. David has to work and Sarah is porbably headed to Canberra with her Dad.

    I look forward to reading the next instalment of your adventures. I hope they continue to be inspiring, fulfilling and that you stay safe and happy. Please send a big hello to the family and tell Evan that in another moment of freaky similarity Joshua is now teaching himself the clarinet!!