Monday, December 28, 2009

Heading into Ethiopia

Hi all,
I am in Nairobi, having just checked out of the youth hostel and waiting 2 hours till we are picked up for our flight into Ethiopia.
We went in Nakuru national park and spent Christmas day there, starting with a huge breakfast at Nairobi and then driving into Nakuru. After setting up our tents we spent the afternoon doing a game drive around the park. We went to Nakuru 4 years ago and we were shocked at how much lower the lake was and also how few flamingoes there were compared to then. We were not disappointed though by the wildlife. We were lucky enough to see 4 groups of lions over this day and the next as well as buffalo, zebra, gazelles, monkeys and hippo. I had a very close encounter with a baboon who decided, while I was cooking the toast for the groups breakfast, to run across my lap and steal the loaf of bread. It was a large and agressive male and gave me quite a shock. Unfortunately no one was filming or we could have won next years funny home video!
After Nakuru we spent our last night of the tour at Lake Navisha. The camp site was huge but was very full and we couldn't get an upgrade to a room like we hoped. It was surprisingly cold and we spent the afternoon vegging out. That night it poured with rain for 5 hours and our tent leaked, resulting in 2 wet, cold and unhappy campers by the morning (none of the kids tents leaked). It was a relief to head back to Nairobi and the relative comfort of the youth hostel (while basic, it is clean, dry and has good beds). Unfortunately we were not here in time to attend a Church meeting there at our Church but the pastors wife, Tabitha, met us at the end of the tour and spent the next 2 days with us. Pastor Jeremiah is in Liberia helping a new assembly that has started there, so we missed seeing him but got 2 know their 2 gorgeous kids, Osmond (Ossy) and Nicole. Last night we all had dinner at the carnivore restaurant, which was lovely.
We catch the plane to Ethiopia this evening and start the next leg of our journey.
Love to all, Kathie

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