Monday, November 30, 2009

In Botswana

Hello all,
we have just arrived in Maun in Botswana and will be heading for our camp soon. Tomorrow we are taken into the Okavango Delta by dugout canoe for 2 days, camping in the bush of the delta. We crossed the Kalhari Desert yesterday and today, a long, hot drive and I'm am profoundly relieved to be in airconditioning for a few minutes!
Last night we arrived at our campsite late. The usual campsite closed down a couple of days ago and they booked this one at the last minute. It had no facilities (here's a shovel and toilet papaer, there's the bush!) and it was raining while we were setting up camp but the site was pretty and our tour leader cooked up an amazing meal for us all.
The trck we are in looks like it has seen a few kilometres but has character! It is amazing how quickly the tour leader, Justin, and the driver, Phillip, can set up the camp kitchen and have everything organised.
The 20 people on the tour consists of our group of 7, a couple from USA and all the rest are Aussies...including half from Brisbane! Considering it is a UK based company I was very surprised.
I had better go now as this is very expensive.
Love to all, Kathie

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