Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi, I thought I would check that this is working!
I sent our passports to Canberra yesterday to the Kenyan embassy for our visas. Next week, once they get back from Canberra, they're off to Melbourne to the Ethiopian consulate! It has taken me weeks to figure out which visa's we can get at the borders and which we have to get before we travel. Malawi is the only spanner in the works....we can get our visa's at the border but Magno (on a Brazilian passport) can't. Unfortunately there is no Malawian embassy in Australia and the nearest is in Japan. Luckily I found out we can get it once we are in South Africa as none of us were keen in posting our passports to Japan 5 weeks before leaving!
Anyway, enough waffle, ciao for now!

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